What is IslamicTunes StreamingHub?

IslamicTunes StreamingHub is a digital audio/music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and audiocasts from Quran’s reciters, imams, munsyid, artists, singers, performers and speakers all over the world.

The free version of IslamicTunes StreamingHub can be accessed on PC, laptop and mobile phone (soon!) via https://streaminghub.islamictunes.net  but for the full service such as to create your own playlist needs a Premium subscription.

What’s on IslamicTunes StreamingHub?

There are millions of Islamic entertainment’s content in the world such as Quran’s recites, Sufism songs, nasyid, qasidah, dua’, selawat or mawlid, inspirational quotes or tausiyah, positive songs, poem, etc. On IslamicTunes, you can listen your favorites, discover new tracks and build the perfect playlist collection, privately for you or can be shared with your friends and followers via popular social media platform.

Lets together we build Muslim’s friendly content for Halal Entertainment Hub!

How does IslamicTunes StreamingHub work?

Getting started with listening to tracks on IslamicTunes StreamingHub is easy:

  1. Visit the IslamicTunes StreamingHub and register. You have to register using your email address. After that please wait the system will send you an email notification (normally it will take not more than 5 minutes) and you have to verify and confirm email. You will receive a welcome email and done, and mashaa Allah, you’re already a part of the IslamicTunes’ StreamingHub community.

  2. We'd recommend you to login up with Facebook if you have an account as it'll make it easier to find and follow friends, see what they're listening to and share songs with them.

  3. Choose a subscription level. At the moment IslamicTunes StreamingHub have only 2 level of subscriptions, one is FREE subscription and other is Premium. We'd recommend going for IslamicTunes Premium (can pay monthly or yearly) as it gives you access to create and curates your own playlist. With free subscription, you can only access the website.

  4. At the moment we don’t have mobile application yet. You have to use your mobile browser to use IslamicTunes StreamingHub . We will notify when this apps is ready.

  5. Sign into your account and get listening.

How can I upload my tracks or albums?

Only owner of the sound recording (audio/music/audiobook/voice recording or messages); or having the legal right to manage and distribute the recording (you must give proof to us such licensing agreement or mandate letter from the original owner); can upload tracks or albums.

IslamicTunes respect the intellectual property law and here we call them as KontenPreneurs.  If you are a record/music label, indie artist/group or own yourself the sound recording right, you can register here as Kontenpreneur User. We will do the checking of all the contents that has been uploaded once a month for filtering according to our concept of halal content or Muslim’s friendly entertainment especially for copyright matters.

We will immediately taking action for any claim or notice of infringement of copyright made by any users and if within any sufficient duration that we will give to the Kontenpreneurs to give more proof of ownership, then we will takedown the content and maybe to block your account until that Kontenpreneur respond to our notice.

Please read and understand all the legal aspect of the use of this platform as per our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines and other related matters.

How can KontenPreneurs get income from joining IslamicTunes? (Soon!!!)

We simplify the business model!

We will share 50:50 from all sales (after deduction of tax) of subscriptions which this 50% to KontenPreneurs will be shared among others Kontenpreneurs who base on the playlist curated or selected by subscribers every month. Your first payment should be in two-month after your first day uploading and will continue monthly after that, if there is subscribers used or selected your content.

How we can get income from Free Account Listener Users?

Make it simple. With only 100mb of limited storage for the free listener users, how many content they can ingest? Just give it up and take it as cost of promotions!

Kontenpreneurs can see their insight data uses of their contents in their profile page which only can be seen by them or their selected admins.

Can KontenPreneurs upload for free contents?

Of course can, but we will control how many free contents you want to upload and when certain time to come, we have to charge certain amount from the Kontenpreneurs who like to upload free contents.

We also have bills to be paid! ?Smile inshaa Allah!

What is Kontenpreneurs?

Derive from the word CONTENT ENTREPRENEURS and means as per the words, creators or anybody or organisation that made contents are their business were called Content Entrepreneurs. On IslamicTunes community, we call them as KontenPreneurs!

What define YOU as a KontenPreneur?

Kontenpreneurs maybe a single or group of creator that creates and compose song, lyrics or an audio or video and keep it storage which can be transferred, distributed. Kontenpreneurs can be an individual, or Record Label, or any organisation.

But creators will remain as creators when they use their talent by working for another party and get paid when the ideas and process of making the content had been completed. Their creative right or ownership of their ideas of content which originally done or created by him/her or an organisations or groups already been transferred to the party who paid them. The party who bought or paid the creators now can distribute or market the content because they have the right of the ownership of the content.

They’re entrepreneurs who invested to pay creators and we call them as Content Entrepreneurs. But these content entrepreneurs will not own the exclusive right or the ideas and compositions unless the creation sell or transfer it consequently, if they’re Record Label or any organisation.

In audio, music and video sectors, Creators (composer and songwriter, scriptwriter & video makers, even the project producers, musicians, arranger, audio makers will still get their royalties (mechanical offline/online monetising of public performances) if they not solely give or transfer their intellectual property to the other party. This need to be process by collecting body and creators can register themselves to any collecting body who can act for them especially collections from radio/tv station, malls and any public area and commercial outlets who used or airplayed the musics, audio and tracks.

This is the unique business models for content creators. Please dig your own resources for this knowledge of the copyright here.